This is a re-code of a classic game from the days of 8 bit games. This was possibly the first networked game available and ran on the C=64 and also on the BBC.

Basically this was a 3D flight sim, it allowed you to fly a nimble fighter jet, which was challenging enough, but you could also duel with a computer opponent at varying degrees of skill. Not only this, but damage could be inflicted, leaving you to try and limp home and hide in the protective hanger to seek repairs before you were shot down. This sim offered far more game play life than the average sim/shooter due to the 2 player linkup option.


With a fellow owner of a C64 or BBC, you could link up and battle against each other, fly formation, watch each others ridiculous crashes, and many an evening could be consumed....


This remake attempts to capture the 'Fun' element of what was, a very advanced game for it's time (mid/late 80s), and hopefully will allow more than 2 players to battle it out over the net.



AbstractSpoon Software




Holding sown the SHIFT key when the game starts up (showing the loading screen) allows you to configure the joystick.

Q/A - Toggles the gun sights.

W/S - Toggle the airbrakes.

E/D - Toggle the auto throttle.

T/G - Toggle the landing gear.

R/F - Toggle the flaps.

Y/H - Change the wing sweep.

Z/X - Rudder left/right.

, / . - Change the throttle.

CTRL+M - Toggle mouse control.

V - change the view mode.

Esc - Quit.

SHIFT+R - Reset to takeoff.

CTRL+R - Record flight to file (replay.rpl).

CTRL+P - Replay flight from file (replay.rpl).

F5 - Setup for landing practice.

F7 - "Get me Lost"

F8 - Drop over the runway.

F11/F12 - Zoom.

F9 - Options screen (WIP).

B - Brakes On

F1 - Toggle Debug view modes
SPACE - Brakes Off
F6 - Type a message.
BACKSPACE - Reset Zoom
TAB - Speed up Replay.
O - Simulate a slow system (for debugging)
SHIFT+TAB - Slow Down Replay.
SHIFT+TAB - Slow Down Replay.
CURSORS - Move view.
Page Up/Down - Move view.

See some pikkys from some real flying of Microlights here..